Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goodbye October

Before leaving Northeast Ohio for a few weeks I decided to check out my favorite spot on the Rocky River this morning. I was hoping that the first push of steelhead had made their way far south and I was rewarded early with a nice silver female. She was followed up shortly by a heft smallmouth bass. This must be a great fall for smallmouth. I've now caught three -- having never caught one before in the Rocky while fishing for steelhead. That the fish was far south was particularly surprising. Two other fish tossed the hook shortly after the set.

All of this activity happened over a 30 minute period or so. Then nothing. Was it meal time or was I just getting better drifts then? That is one of the mysteries of fishing. Why do they feed and when?

The mystery remained unsolved for the rest of the morning. The pool was murky brown and loaded with leaves -- which made getting a good drift difficult. There was about 10 inches of visibility. The gauge said the flow was about 300 cfs and the temp was 43 and falling.

The fish are up early and hopefully it'll be another great fall on the Rocky, but I'm out of the picture for the next 10 days or so. The steelhead will be there when I get back.

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