Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tree Fishing -- It's Not As Easy As it Looks

I'm really not sure how we anglers sometimes get into the predicaments we get into, but never before have I seen a man in waders in a tree. But that is exactly where Juris ended up -- with an assist from Jon -- in an effort to save his leader from the fierce tree monsters that lurk on the banks of Elk Creek. Juris was fighting a steelhead on Friday morning when the fish tossed the hook and the tension release sent the line over his head and into the tree.

Most of us would have simply broke off the line, but not Juris. He scampered up the tree with a grace not expected for a man in waders. (Does the Simmis warranty include tree climbing?) Jon helped him free the line from the tree, and in a fw minutes Juris was back fishing, only to have his leader break off on another fish.

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George Nemeth said...

Great story with an even better picture!