Friday, January 23, 2009

Black Snow

There is only one word to describe black snow -- ugly. Black snow reveals the pollution that fills our atmosphere, but rarely gets our attention. We cannot ignore black snow. It appears a few days after the snow stops falling. Pollution from our factories, busses and cars settles on the white snow, turning it gray and then black. If there are few things as pure as the driven snow, there is nothing as unpure as black snow.

Black snow reminds us that Leopold was right, we will never achieve harmony with land, but we must strive to achieve it. Black snow reminds us how much more we need to strive.

I am grateful to be headed to the land of eternal spring. No black snow there, but Guatemala also is struggling to achieve harmony with land. More on that soon.

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guv said...

well, most of what makes snow black is asphalt particles from roads, which invisibly pollutes streams and waterways during the summer months. Also, the automobile's greatest source of pollution, in terms of mass of 'black stuff' comes from brake dust and tire wear. this is surely an instance where hybrids and electric cars are cleaner as braking is done by working against the spinning of the electric motor, rather than friction against a surface.