Saturday, March 7, 2009

Early Season Mystery

Fished three popular stretches of the Rocky River this morning, about three hours of fishing. Spring smells in the air. Skunk cabbage is coming up already. Conditions were near perfect. Green water, 44 degree water temperature. Juris spotted some spawning steelhead upon arrival before dawn, but they scattered when the sun came up.
Juris hooked one briefly early. We were both surprised by the lack of fish and moved south less than a mile. Within a few minutes I hooked a silver fish that made several fierce runs before running the line across a boulder, breaking the line. The fish are no longer sluggish. Need to be prepared for some feisty fish and keep the line out of the water as much as possible. Juris landed an old male, pictured above thanks to the underwater camera. Black stonefly can be seen in the fish's mouth.
Today was a reminder that even when the conditions are right, the fish may have other ideas. Since the fish don't talk, the reasons for this remain a mystery.

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