Monday, March 23, 2009

Keyonis' First Fish

In September I started mentoring a young man, Keyonis, who will turn 12 this month. We've formed a fledgling friendship that has brought many smiles to both of our lives. It is still too early to know where things will lead, but I have high hopes that I can become a long-term positive influence.

On Sunday, March 15, Keyonis went on his first fishing outing of his life. He struggled to walk in his new over-sized hip boots and learned the intricacies of fly rods and steelheading. He enjoyed wading through the water, but discovered how water can come up above hip boots fairly easily. "Oh, that's cold."

He landed his first fish, a two-pound sucker. He vowed to come back and catch a steelhead. I hope we have the chance this spring.

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