Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Steelhead

Fished Friday (twice), Saturday (twice), and Sunday on the Rocky River as the flow dropped from 450 to 250 cfs. Temps were in the 40s. I think the gauge is reading a little higher than normal.

Friday we found fish in the middle river. Five hookups in 15 minutes and landed two. Nothing really in the evening other than suckers and a few spawners. Saturday was a beautiful, cold morning. Went for a long hike to guarantee solitude, but the fish decided to leave me alone, as well. As they say, I like the places where trout hang out more than I like the trout. And Saturday morning tested that statement. In the late afternoon I found fish in a popular spot between two golf courses. Thankfully, it wasn't too popular. Plenty of fish were moving through, but too many were foul hooked as I was overly anxious and impatient.

Sunday evening was a different story.

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