Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steel Splendor

The three-quarter moon hung over the bluff on the east bank. Street lights glimmered along the ridge on the west bank. As I walked alone the trail a great blue lifted off and soared upstream. The yellow flowers, I call them buttercups simply because I'm not good at flower names, lined the bank (signaling that it is spawning season). A few fish cruised in the shallow water. A doe crossed the river within casting distance.

After checking out a few likely spots, I walked back upstream to check out a deep run. I was disappointed to find it empty. Decision time approached. Drive to another spot or drive into work. I decided to check out the fast water above the run before heading back to the car. Smart call. Four pods of fish were stacked up in different slots. Fresh fish moved in regularly and a few drop backs were in the mix.

Over the next 45 minutes I fought a new fish every few minutes. Most took a Santa's Helper, but the last two chomped on the white crystal bugger.

As rains move in tonight and travel plans will take me away for a few days, the season may be nearly over the next time I fish again. This morning will provide many memories for the fishless days to come.

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