Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stream Trout Interupted

The plan was to start May with some stream trout fishing in Pennsylvania. The gods of thunder and rain had other ideas. First stop was the Neshannock Creek Fly Shop where I picked up some flies and got myself organized. I hiked to the broken pine tree run and worked my way back up stream. I lost two trout and landed one small rainbow and was just getting settled into casting a 5-weight again when the thunder started to rumble. Holding a nine-foot long piece of graphite isn't a bright idea in a thunderstorm and I headed back to the car just as some large fish had started to roll along the riverbank.

The rain hit hard before I got back to the car and by the time I drove back to the fly shop the river had turned brown. I then used the Blackberry for its only worthwhile purpose -- checking conditions of nearby streams. Blow out city. Decision time. Head east to the Little J or head home and try the Grand in the morning. After a convincing argument from Jon, I headed home and swapped out the stream trout gear for the steelhead gear in the fish car. So much for plans...

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