Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Arrives With Promise

Work has kept me pretty distracted since returning from Yellowstone, but it's hard to miss the cooler temps, gray skies and water-filled gutters. Yep, it's steelhead time. Now the question becomes when will I be able to enjoy it?

The Rocky River is starting to drop and probably was fishable in the upper reaches today -- but work called. And how many fish will be south (upper) this early? Hard to say, but more than most people think.

Tomorrow, I head east for a day of meetings far from the steelhead rivers. But when I'm done, I will likely drive north as fast as the fish car will carry me to explore the eastern Ohio/western PA streams. That's the idea, any way. But a heavy rain Friday could blow those plans out the window.

There are already reports of a decent early run in the Erie area -- although the real big numbers won't be in a for a few weeks.

But now is the time to get serious about not letting work get in the way of the really important stuff. Hopefully the next post will be about fishing...

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