Sunday, October 11, 2009

Old Spots, Quiet River

Returned to the Rocky River on Sunday morning and decided to fish some old holes as I did years ago when I started fishing the Rock. The river was fairly empty below Morley's Ford and the conditions were a little marginal -- visibility was eight inches or so. The flow was around 200 cfs, which is about as good as it gets on the Rocky.

After swinging flies without luck, I switched up to drifting buggers and nymphs under a float. I fished two runs that were among my favorites years ago when I started fishing the Rocky. I've rarely fished the spots in the last few years because I've become enamored by other spots, and these two holes often attract a crowd. There were no crowds today, but then no fish, either. Nonetheless, it was fun to fish the old holes again. I look forward to revisiting them again, soon.

After the walk back to the car, I bumped into a spawn sack fishermen who said he hooked two. The fish are there. It' up to me to find them.

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