Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finally Rain, But It's Early Yet

The first meaningful rain of the early fall fell today -- actually it blew through. The storm send the river flow gauges rising and prompted thoughts to shift to steelhead. Sadly, the fly reels still sit in the crate in the basement. The line needs to be cleaned -- or replaced. Leaders need to be built. Split shot needs to be replenished. In short, I am unprepared for the season that controls my calendar.

One reason I'm not ready is I know it is highly unlikely I'll be standing in a river soon. My grandmother turns 100 this month, and that takes priority. I will be visiting her twice in the next few weeks. By the time things settle down it'll be mid-October and the leaves will be littering the rivers.

The fall will blow past almost as fast as today's storm. But I will carve out time to stand in the rivers, feel the press of current against my knees, and forget -- for a moment -- all those things that don't really matter, but take up so much space. Fish on. Very soon.

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