Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Old Spot Made Anew

After spending much of December away from the rivers, I had a few hours free this morning to visit one of my favorite spots on the Rocky River and was surprised to see the changes that Mother Nature had wrought. The tail end of the pool, which used to push up against the far 100-foot-high shale wall now cut right down the middle of the river channel. From a distance I could see new boulders sticking up in a wide chute that carried the water out of the pool. Gone was the narrow channel that occasionally held fish, but mostly just ate up flies.

The narrow channel was filled in by tons of rock -- all of which had come cascading down the cliff sometime over the last three plus weeks. The altered flow seemed to have deepened and widened the big pool. The chute below will be interesting to fish once spring comes; it looks promising but on the Rocky it is common for promising spots to be neglected by the fish.

With water temps in the high 30s, I guessed that the fish would be in new, wider tail of the pool. They were, as is a small tree 0r perhaps a very large branch. I hooked three, including the 7-pounder above. And hooked the tree a few times, for good measure.

Rivers always change. Time to learn this old spot all over again.

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