Sunday, February 17, 2013

3 Signs You're Hooked on Swinging

1. It's 26 degrees and snowing and instead of drinking beer and tying flies you're rigging up the spey rod and tying on a Feenstra grapefruit leech.

Waiting on the swing.
2. Your friend fishing downstream let's you know he's hooked into several eager fish on sucker spawn; the river's flow and color is perfect for dead drifting -- might even be able to do it from the bank and stay out of the 33 degree-water; and yet you decide to leave the 10-foot, 7-weight rod in the car and refuse to go get it even after the first swing through the run produces no bumps.

3. You cannot feel your fingers or your feet, you resort to breathing on the guides to get the thick ice off the rod, and yet you decide to give the run one more shot. You come up empty but feel good about sticking with it.

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