Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reflections of the Sycamores

There's a quiet spot on the Little Juniata River where the water flows soft and smooth and the brown trout rise regularly. The high bank is lined with a handful of tall sycamore trees. The trees stand sentry between the railroad tracks that run parallel to the river and the Little J itself. The reflection of the broad trunk of the largest sycamore shimmers in the flat, clear water. The reflection is frequently ruffled by the rings that ripple out from where the brown trout rose to inhale an emerging caddis.

Cast to the left of the reflection and the current will carry the fly into the image of the trunk. On a good drift the fly will raise a trout from the three feet deep water. The good drifts are rare, but they come often enough to make it one of my favorite spots. One of these years I will figure out the trout. But for now I'll enjoy the reflection.

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