Sunday, March 23, 2014

Product Review: Kast Steelhead Glove

The large female shook her head and turned downstream in the rapid current. I used the leverage of the 10 foot Scott rod to keep her from running around the bend. She had already taken me downstream 30 yards from where she attacked the purple egg sucking leach as it swung through the tail of the pool. If she kept heading north it would have been a long hike to find a spot where I could land her.

I normally don't mind losing a fish, but since I hadn't landed one yet this year I was eager to bring this 8 pounder to hand. Or in this case, to the glove. The evening temp was 24 degrees and dropping and my Kast Steelhead gloves were keeping my hands very warm. But that was only half the challenge. Could the glove -- advertised as waterproof -- help me land the fish? My plan was simple -- at least it seemed simple: slowly work the steelhead back upstream, swing the rod upstream to pull the fish just ahead of my feet, drop to one knee,  plunge my left hand into the 38 degree water and grab the fish just in front of its broad tail.

The question was would the gloves have enough grip to hold the fish. I had used the gloves in December and knew they were indeed waterproof, but I had never tried to tail a fish with them on. And tailing a fish in fast water is never easy.

The steelhead wasn't interested in coming upstream, but eventually I worked her close enough to give the glove a try. As the picture shows, the glove worked perfectly.

Steelhead fishing means being cold more often than not. Merino wool, fleece and Gore Tex are a steelheader's best friends. Fingerless gloves -- either wool or fleece -- are required gear. But when the temperature is well below freezing, having a pair of Kast Steelhead gloves available can make all of the difference. I really hope I won't have to use them again for awhile, but if this winter sticks around for a few more weeks I know my hands will be warm, dry and able to land a fish.



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