Thursday, May 22, 2008

Failed Last Shot

My work at the Fund for Our Economic Future took me to Ashtabula County today -- home of the Ashtabula River. If the meeting were held a month or two earlier I would have visited the river. Even though it isn't stocked by the state of Ohio, it does get a nice run of steelhead. I have only fished the river once, but it was a good day full of fighting fish.

On the way home from the meeting in Ashtabula County I did stop by the big daddy of Ohio's steelhead rivers -- the Grand in Lake County. Detours and bridge closures made the trip to the river longer than expected. A beautiful blue sky and a strong, but clear flow greeted me on the river. It looked perfect and empty. Which made it doubly perfect. The only thing missing were the steelhead. A friend had found the river full of fish last Saturday, but today there was no sign of fish. Two fingerlings didn't count. The fishing was great. The catching, not so much.

I ended the year with two late season fishless outings I don't mind not catching fish, but I would have liked to have ended the season on a more positive note. But then again, what could be more positive than being a solitary angler standing in the moment watching the water rush by so effortlessly?

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