Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spying on Brook Trout

Earlier this month we headed for Walkersville, Md., to drop off our daughter at my wife's brother's house. Our daughter had a few weeks to spend in D.C. before jetting to London for a few months. While in Walkersville, we made the quick drive up to the Camp David area and walked along Big Hunting Creek. Anne got a chance to test out her fancy new camera and snap some shots of Brook Trout that were trying to survive the long, dry summer. The water was extremely low, but in the pools the fish still seemed healthy and lively.

I didn't bring a fly rod, and I doubt I could have made a single cat without spooking the fish -- regardless.

We all need to be reminded of the beauty of brook trout on occasion. These fish are each hand painted by God. They each are distinct. The white line that tips their fins is a sign of their purity. These are sacred fish. For me, they are reminders of God's love -- how else can one explain the care and craftmanship he uses to paint each one?

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Steve Cadwell said...

Beautiful pics and narrative, Chris. Thanks for the gift of showing me some of God's handiwork, which I would never have noticed otherwise.