Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Month Away

It is overcast along Lake Erie's southern shore today. And while it is at least a month too soon to allow gray skies to get one thinking of steelie, I couldn't help myself today. I wanted to scratch that itch. Yes, it's 80 degrees outside and the humidity is off the chart. But the forecast calls for cooling temperatures and rain. Of course, that means it'll be 75 and drizzle, but the Lake Erie Steelhead angler is not a rational human being. He is infected with a disease with no known cure. The only treatment is lots of time on the water, and at this time of year that isn't an option. So one does the next best thing, he imagines what it will be like in a month, two months, three months. And he tries to wait.

He also spends a lot of time looking online for the next great fly, or that elusive tip that will turn him from average to something more. Oh well, back to reality. It's unlikely there'll be fish in the rivers one month from now, but in the dog days of summer there is always hope.

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