Monday, January 12, 2009

Ice, Ice, Ice

It looks like we're going to experience iced up rivers here on the southern coast of Lake Erie (which some geographically challenged folks insist on calling the North Coast). Ice up means that we're having a real winter. I define real winter as when the snow sticks around for more than a week. We usually only get a few weeks of "real winter" here in Ohio. When I lived in Duluth, Minnesota, winter was spent cross country skiing, not river fishing. I miss skiing the Birkie every year, but know that there's no way I could make the trek anymore. Here in Ohio, I happily traded cross country skis for a fly rod and I've gotten used to fishing nearly every weekend of the year. But it looks like I'll be taking a few weeks off...which means I get to catch up on my fly tying. It's time for a few posts about life at the fly bench.

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