Saturday, February 28, 2009

Steelhead Commute #1

On Thursday, Feb. 26, I had the chance to take my first steelhead commute of the year. My usual drive in to work takes 40 minutes or so. On these extra special days it takes two hours or more to finally get into the office.

If the map is tilted just so, the Rocky River interrupts my morning commute. When weather, river flow and schedule permit, I enjoy the interruption completely. On Thursday the water was at 300 cfs and rising and the air temp was in the 40s. Snow melt kept the water in the mid 30s, which kept the fish in the holes.

I fished my favorite stretch for an hour plus with no luck. The disappointment was muted because at least I was out with the geese.

I have blocked off as many mornings in March as possible for more steelhead commutes. I will do all that I can to preserve them and cherish them. They are my moments. Silent, solo and serene. Steelhead commutes make all of the other commutes throughout the year a little more tolerable.

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