Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbye Rocky

On Sunday, May 3, I said goodbye to the Rocky River -- for this steelhead season any way. I got a late start and knew that finding fish with the sun high in the blue sky would be easy. Getting them to bite would be a different story.

I chose to focus on a shaded area just a few yards north of the I-90 overpass. Several fish were holding in a deep run. I quickly hooked a male on a nymph. And later hooked another male on an egg fly. Both fish put up spirited fights, but they were clearly a little worn out. So was I. I tried to hook a few more fish from the run, but ultimately decided to end it early.

The season is all but over. Perhaps one more trip to the Grand. Perhaps not.

By the end of the season I'm ready for a break. There is time to reflect on the season and think about what flies to tie. Soon, I'll be chasing bass and hopefully some stream trout. Then it'll be time to plan the first Yellowstone trip. And by the time that trip is wrapped up the steelies will be back in Elk Creek. I can hardly wait.

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