Sunday, May 10, 2009

Learning Float Tubes

Another batch of ill-times thunderstorms turned the western PA trout streams muddy on Saturday, so I had to stick around Northeast Ohio. A gale force wind nearly kept me from breaking out the 8 weight for large mouth, but I decided to try out the Creek Company float tube. I'd never fished in a float tube before, so I decided to just be happy if I got in and out of the boat without doing a face plant.

I managed to get rigged up and sat in the boat and proceeded to kick my way across Wallace Lake in Berea. I tried (unsuccessfully) to stay out of the wind by fishing the western shore. The smooth water was covered with leaves, branches and stringy tree debris. The water was clear and cold. I cast poppers against the downed trees in the shade. A few sunfish and one feisty, 8-inch bass came to the hand.

I learned how to maneuver the float tube, and how to cast while sitting low in the water. By sitting nearly at water level I felt a closeness to the lake that is similar to what I experience while standing in a stream. I look forward to exploring more lakes and ponds in my ODC 420.

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