Sunday, August 30, 2009

Steelies Are In - First Reports of New Year

Late August can either remind us of the summer swelter so common in the Great Lakes or it can foreshadow the crisp autumn to come. There's been a lot of foreshadowing going on the last few days, including gusty winds and a steady drizzle this morning.

The cooler temps and slight rain prompted the first steelies of the fall to poke their noses into Walnut and Elk creeks over in Erie. The gang over at are reporting some early success. Unquestionably those fish will head back to the lake when summer returns (as it always does). But they'll be back, perhaps about the time we return from Yellowstone.

Over in the nation's first national park summer is all but over, and the grasshopper fishing on the Gallatin is off the charts. Fly Fishing In Yellowstone has become one of my favorite blogs this summer. I will be watching it closely the next few weeks and praying that the fishing holds up and winter holds off. I hear it can come early in the park.

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