Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Target Practice for Yellowstone

A couple more days of fly casting practice has helped me improve my line control and accuracy. I still have a lot of practice ahead to get ready for the Madison float trip with the gang from Blue Ribbon Flies. But I can begin to see some real progress. Now I have to work on limiting how I use my shoulder. Old habits of swinging the fly rod arm are hard to break, but a sore shoulder after a few minutes of casting serves as a good reminder to use weight shift instead.

I am now able to cast 25 feet of line with ease and can semi-consistently hit a target (leaves in the grass) at 30 plus feet. I will have to measure out the double haul later in the week, but I think I'm casting more than 50 feet. It's time to put out targets at 30, 60 and 80 feet and see how I do. I may have to head to a field nearby, as I think I'm running out of room in the side yard.

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