Monday, August 3, 2009

Yellowstone Countdown is On

In about a month we'll be making our initial trip to Yellowstone. I took the 5-wt into the side yard tonight for what I hope to be the first of many practice sessions. Let's just say my casting skills are very rusty. I cast for bass with an 8-wt a few times a month, and I spend September through May chasing steelhead. The last time I did any serious dry fly fishing was 2008 during the Trico spinner fall on Spring Creek.

The Yellowstone trip will include a Madison float trip with Blue Ribbon Flies. I've never been on a float trip and really would like to avoid too much embarrassment with my limited casting skills. If today was any indication I have a lot of work to do. While I can cast a good 50 feet with little trouble, I also can turn my leader into a batch of wind knots in no time. So I've got quite a bit of work to do. Time for a refresher course with Lefty.

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