Monday, August 16, 2010

The Promise of a Cool Morning in August

Cool crisp air greeted me this morning as I exited the attached garage and headed down the driveway toward the plastic mailbox on the edge of the cul de sac that we call home. After weeks of 90 degree plus temperatures and humidity to match, the cool air jolted my system and prompted one thought and one thought only: steelhead.

It will still be weeks before the first steelhead begin to poke their noses into the tributaries along Lake Erie's southern coast in the initial scouting runs, but the day is approaching. Some people flip the calendar on December 31 to start their new year. I flip mine sometime in September -- after the first cool, drenching rain of late summer hits and the next steelhead season begins.

Today's cool morning air signaled the countdown has begun for next season. July and August can be the longest months of the year for a Great Lakes steelheader. I had promised myself that this year I would practice with the spey rod and chase some smallmouth bass. But other issues -- ranging from work to an upper back sprain -- have gotten in the way of those promises.

Now it is time to make another resolution -- get the back healed before the steelhead calendar is flipped.

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