Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Steelhead Countdown

The calendar says mid-April, but the fish log is pretty much empty this steelhead spring. So that means the count-down to the end of the steelhead season causes a little more anxiety than normal as I try to make up for a winter of discontent and a spring of disappointment.

Each day that passes with the waders sitting unused in the back of the fish-car is a another day closer to when all of the steelhead return to their summer home of Lake Erie. I can handle summer without steelhead, but only because I overdose on the steelhead drug all spring. So far this year I’ve barely been able to scratch the itch.

Tonight, at last, I found a few fish in the lower Rocky River and landed a beautiful, silver 30-inch female that was hanging out in a deep run behind gravel. As she used the strong current to put an arc in the 10 foot Scott fly rod, I savored the moment, but also wondered how many more days of fishing we’d enjoy this spring.

Such is the lame life of a steelhead addict.

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