Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sucker Commute

The long wait ended this morning, but the disappointments of spring 2011 continued. I made my way to a favorite stretch of the Rocky River before dawn knowing that I’d only have a brief stay before heading downtown for an 8:30 meeting.

River flow and water temperature were in my favor. But the ever-changing weather seemed to be just as confusing to the fish as it was to me. Sunday’s temperature hit nearly 80 as I flew out to DC for a series of meetings on Monday. The heat followed me east, but by the time I flew back to Cleveland on Monday temperatures had dropped into the low 40s and it felt like winter was on its way back.

The cold, rainy spring has kept the rivers too high to fish more often than not. And the few days when the rivers have been in good shape, the steelhead have been very elusive and this morning was more of the same.

The only fish I encountered, whether in the riffles or the deeper runs, were striped suckers from Lake Erie.

It left me wondering if the Lake Erie steelhead were trying to emulate their West Coast brethren and become the fish of a thousand casts. Sadly, I didn’t have the time a thousand casts this morning.

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