Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big Steel

First fish of February
The tape measure told the tale -- 31 inches long. The dark, pink-striped steelhead caught today is the biggest fish I've taken from the Rocky River in several years. The male's tail was as broad as my hand is long. He used that tail many times to try and avoid coming to shore. He leaped from the water at one point, but his heft kept him from catching too much air. The small, white egg fly was firmly stuck in the roof of his mouth, allowing me to land him after a fierce fight.

A couple who had just arrived at the hole were kind enough to snap my picture with the beast. A goofy smile, but a beautiful fish.

The woman promptly landed her first steelhead ever on a chartreuse spawn sack. The 30-inch female spit eggs as she proudly held it up for her partner to get a picture. The woman jumped up and down with glee, whispering "I caught a fish." Wonderful to see another angler get hooked on steel fever.

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