Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Trout

Over Memorial Day weekend we returned to Volant. Anne took pictures. I caught a few trout. No hatch Sunday evening or Monday morning, but the fish were eating nymphs and wet flies enough to keep it interesting. Neshannock Creek flows through Volant and because of its proximity to Cleveland and Pittsburgh it gets a fair amount of fishing pressure.

Sunday evening we hiked to the gas line and fished the big rock. It's a beautiful spot that regularly holds fish, even when the water was low like this weekend. Stocked stream trout arent' steelies. But there's still something magical about sitting on a river bank, watching the water flow by and tracking the bugs as they emerge from the water and fly off. The rhythms of life become much simpler, more easily understood while sitting on a river bank in trout country.

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